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Both Barrels


Ross McCann, the leader of a four- man team of former special forces operators, paid to annihilate those involved in ivory poaching in an African country. Having successfully concluded an anti-poaching operation, he is tasked by a group of wealthy British businessmen, concerned with the rising Chinese influence in Africa, to carry out a political assassination in one of the African countries. One of McCann’s team, Scott Warner is arrested while visiting America for a murder he committed years before, and a Special Intelligence Agency colonel attempts to subvert Scott into supplying information about the team’s intended operation in exchange for his freedom.

Kangwa Marufu is the leader of the opposition party in an African country and would have preferred to have a non-violent change of the incumbent president David Mkundu’s administration. He is constantly critical of the corruption and extreme pro-Chinese stance of Mkundu’s government but when riots and civil disobedience wrack the country he is hopeful they will provide a sufficiently powerful catalyst to effect a change.

With the backing of the powerful Stone family, Peter Obutu a former minister in Mkundu’s government is planning a revolution by revealing the massive corruption involving the president and his cabinet. When a visiting high powered Chinese delegation tours its indebted African countries, it offers an opportunity for mounting a revolution. The visit also provides McCann’s team with their target destination. However, the Special Intelligence Agency colonel, suspicious of the team’s target, warns the Chinese delegation of a possible assassination plot.

Having lost one of their members during the operation, the team have to escape unaided through hostile territory knowing that their capture will result in certain death. In the aftermath of their actions there is widespread chaos in the country but which eventually leads to a successful outcome for the majority of the characters involved.

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